Shimmer Crush Discord!

For those of you who use the Discord platform, I have set up a server there for Shimmer Crush! Here is the invite link if you’d like to join me there!

Two Twitch sets!

I participated in THE PiNG LiVE iN SPACE 12 22nd ANNiVERSARY SHOW with synþ and Weep, O’ Mine Eyes on Saturday, August 21st, 2021. If you missed the event, I have posted both of my sets from it on my YouTube channel, please check them out!

My first drone performance!

If you didn’t catch it when it streamed, the piece I did for THE PiNG LiVE iN SPACE 10’s free DRoNE DAY event is now on my YouTube channel, check it out!

Upcoming show August 21st. 2021!

I will have two sets each 20 minutes long as part of this event with The Ambient Ping, tune in and check it out this Saturday!

Saturday, August 21st, 2021 at 10pm ET (Free)
presents the Ping’s 22nd Anniversary show with
Shimmer Crush, synþ and Weep, O’ Mine Eyes

A Twitch performance!

i will have a prerecorded live Shimmer Crush performance as part of this event tomorrow, my very first drone! come check it out if you are around!

In honour of The Drone, THE AMBiENT PiNG presents a free Evening
Drones concert online. Tune in to
at 8:00pm ET this Saturdayfor sets by dreamSTATE and Friends.

Seeing Things compilation!

I was invited to contribute a track to a compilation offered as an exclusive reward to my friend Michael Morton‘s Kickstarter campaign for his comic book series Seeing Things and I am thrilled to announce it was officially released by his label Crime League on Bandcamp today! it is an amazing compilation featuring 16 great tracks by a collection of fantastic artist’s, it is available here, you can find links to each of the contributing artist’s website on the page. my Shimmer Crush track is an edit of a song off of my new album Gemini, this version features an amazing vocal by the lovely Carrie Eliza. be sure to check it out! cheers!

my third release!!!!

last Saturday saw the release of my 2nd full length album, Gemini, available now from Component Recordings. this album marks a new direction in songwriting for me that i feel builds on my previous releases in a thoughtful and dynamic way. it once again features beautiful album artwork designed by Stephen Seto, i have shared the images below. there is also a wonderful review of it on the Bandcamp community page that you can read here, written by Charles Terhune aka. CRT. you can find Gemini here, i hope you enjoy it. cheers!

design: Stephen Seto

design: Stephen Seto

a new track and upcoming album announcement!

i hope this post finds everyone well, i haven’t updated this blog in sometime and am excited to share some news with all of you! i have a new track out on the Isolated Components compilation recently released on Component Recordings, check out the compilation and give a listen at the link below! and i a very excited to announce my upcoming release, titled Gemini, due out on September 12. 2020. this is my second full length album, offering a fresh, new sound that presents a natural evolution from my previous releases. stay tuned here for posts updating you on it’s release. cheers!


video from my most recent show!

here is the video recorded by Dale Camus at my most recent show and a video teaser of my new live background visuals. the teaser features a new track which is getting released on the next Component Recordings compilation due out the end of this year and the show was recorded at The Handlebar in Toronto, live at The Ambient Ping. cheers!

some photos from my recent show!

here are some photos from my last live performance, shot by Jamie Todd at The Ambient Ping. great night, i’ll share some video footage soon also!