latest live video

i’ve performed my third show now, back at The Ambient Ping for their 18 year anniversary party on August 16. 2017. i introduced 3 new tracks, performed a track off of my first release for the first time and added two songs from my previous performances, all told, my performance was well received. check out the video below shot by Stephen Seto. cheers!


back at The Ping!

i will be playing as part of The Armbient Ping 18th anniversary on Wednesday,  August 16th! the show is with Weep, O’ Mine Eyes and Paul Kwitek, come check it out!

08:16:17 . THE AMBiENT PiNG 18th anniversary
presents Weep, O’ Mine Eyes + Shimmer Crush
Wednesday  August 16th @ Handlebar
159 Augusta Ave . Toronto, ON Canada
(Kensington Market) W of Spadina & N of Dundas.
PiNG doors open at 8:30pm . 1st set at 9:00 . $8-10

The Belljar

here is a taste of my recent show at The Belljar Cafe, shot by my lovely friend Melissa! the night was a great dynamic of friends, a really nice vibe with us ladies performing, full of positive feedback, my complete and utter personal radiance and a decent (though not my best run through) performance which made it an amazing and lovely evening. thanks to all of you who came out!

bird’s eye 

further footage of my recent show at The Ambient Ping was shot by Stephen Seto. this video is a continuous look at my full set and has a different sensibility to it. i’ve created a YouTube channel to host it and posted my two previous videos there as well. Stephen also shot some still images with his camera. you can see them here. cheers!

The Ambient Ping 15.11.16

The Ambient Ping 15.11.16