shimmer crush is a solo project born out of a lifetime love of music and art. having been surrounded by artists and musicians as close, personal friends most of my adult life, joining those ranks seemed almost inevitable. i create simple, raw, experimental electronic compositions that are accented by haunting vocalizations and spoken word to create thoughtful sound. my songs form a narrative as a soundtrack to my life and experiences, describing an intimate journey meant to resonate and inspire. at the core of my process is simplicity and intuition, both of which are reflected in the music i currently produce and will inform it’s natural evolution as it moves forward. my current set up is focused around my Roland Gaia SH-01 synthesizer, an Ipad and a collection of really great apps. i am influenced by IDM, minimal techno, soundtracks, industrial and post rock genres, ambient and experimental electronics. my songs somehow marry all of these without imitating any of them. cheers!